International Center for Environmental health & Development [ICEHD] is a non-governmental, non-profit international organization established in May 2004, and registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission as an incorporated Trustee under part ‘C’ of the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990. ICEHD’S registration details are CAC/IT/NO 17758 and Its registered office is situated in Lagos.

ICEHD was started primarily to promote health (especially the health of women and girls), advance socio-economic inclusion and development and empower local marginalized women, girls and vulnerable individuals and communities through education, empowerment and capacity building to confront and participate in the design and implementation of policies, actions, practices and programs that affect their health, development and quality of life.


Gender Rights and Equality Program

Environmental Support Program

Community Development Program

Economic Justice Program

Maternal, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights

Advocacy & Access to Justice Program


United States African Development Foundation/Lagos State Employability Trust Fund (USADF-LSETF) Youth Training Program.

ICEHD is collaborating with USADF and LSETF to train youths, majorly adolescent girls, and young women aged 18-35 in skills that economically empower and equip them to become employable and/or to engage in entrepreneurship and sustainale business ventures that provide increased economic opportunities for work and to earn an income.

This process is aimed at bridging the gender pay gap and accelerating progress towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 5 and 8.

Global Fund for Women (GFW) Generation Equality Project

ICEHD is collaborating with the Global Fund for Women to create awareness and increased advocacy for GENERATION EQUALITY (GE). We are training adolescent girls on Gender equality in many schools to empower them to understand women's rights and to demand equal opportunities. We created a digital campaign on GE and are engaging boys and girls on GE roundabout challenge- to reorient boys to achieve behavioural change and respect for the rights of women and girls.

We are currently engaging rural women and community leaders on gender equality reforms and facilitating engagements with policy makers.


In collaboration with sister NGOs and CSO coalition, including young feminists, youth-led and women-focused groups, we are increasing awareness and national advocacy about GE; engaging the Nigerian government, multi-stakeholders, relevant federal ministries, local and international agencies on a uniform, concrete and measurable GE actions; and on a renewed commitment to gender equality targets, using a position paper. This is aimed at achieving the GE 2026 roadmap agenda and global acceleration plan for gender equality. Our specific issues are feminist action for climate justice, SRHR and SGBV.

COVID-19, Environmental Advocacy and Public Health Project.

ICEHD with support of Global Fund for Women and KAICIID Dialogue Center is undertaking different and seperate projects to increase COVID-19 awareness in rural, riverside and hard-to-reach communities, to promote public health and hygiene standards, increase access to proper menstrual hygiene management to improve the health of girls and women, and equip female farmers with skills and tools for climate adaptability and resilience, to improve crop production, women's economic empowerment, increased income and poverty reduction among women.

These current efforts supports progress to achieve SGD 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 and 13.


Human rights Center University of Pretoria, South Africa
Global Fund for Women, U.S.A.
Global Fund for Women, U.S.A.
MamaCash, Netherlands
African Women Development Fund, Accra, Ghana
Global Women Water Initiative, U.S.A.
Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund, U.S.A
KAICIID Dialogue Center
United States African Development Foundation
Lagos State Employability Trust Fund


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