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Environment Support Program (ESP).

The environment is the surroundings and conditions in which humans, animals, plants and everything else exists and operates. It is the natural world around us, encompassing all living and non-living things found in the air, land and water.  The fact that we live within environments means everything in the environment affects us, which means every activity within the environment must be carefully undertaken to protect human health. ESP provides information and education on the connection between environmental conditions and human health, especially the health of vulnerable groups such as women, children and people with compromised health conditions.


This leads to environmental interventions we provide to address environmental violations that undermine human health in diverse ways. We undertake hygiene and WASH interventions that focuses on prevention, care, and support for communities to enable people, especially vulnerable women and children live healthy productive lives.


ICEHD works with government agencies in charge of clean environment, industries and corporate actors to provide information on clean environment through workshops and conferences and monitor compliance to environmental laws and regulations.


ICEHD also works with support groups to addresses mitigation of the impact of HIV and AIDS through the provision of hygiene and sanitation intervention, pollution prevention, provision of clean and adequate water, nutrition and economic empowerment.