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Community Development Program

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Community Development Program (CDP)

Designed to promote community health and development, this program provides information on environment and health, environmental justice and prevention of pollution.

To support achievement of SDG Goal 6, ICEHD provides access to clean water through construction of water points and boreholes in communities and villages, and construction of toilets and sanitary systems to eradicate open defecation.

The major objectives of CDP include, to:

• Mobilize, raise awareness and heighten consciousness about health and environmental concerns among local communities, socially and economically excluded individuals, the marginalized and vulnerable sectors of society.
• Build and sustain community consciousness towards the environment by encouraging the adoption of proper practices that promote good health and eradicate or reduce susceptibility to environmental diseases that adversely affect human health, and reduces their quality of life.
• Advocate for the right to clean water, safe health care, healthy food, proper environmental and waste management practice, vector control and a healthy and safe working environment.
• Support community integration process of vulnerable women, girls and returnees.
• Provide environmental interventions by engaging corporate actors and coordinate the efforts of government agencies in the management of industrial pollutants, emissions, waste management and air quality control towards the promotion of community health.
• Establish strong and broad based community groups to become pro-active in the defense of their right and strengthen their capacity to engage corporate actors and government institutions on matters that affect their health and environment.
• Enhance individuals and community access and participation in corporate actions and the implementation of policies that affects their health and development