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We are proud to present our work. These projects are built using latest technologies and best talents. The benefits of our building methods guarantee quality for many years to come.

International Center for Environmental Health & Development.

International Center for Environmental health & Development [ICEHD] is a non-governmental, non-profit international organization established in May 2004, and registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission as an incorporated Trustee under part ‘C’ of the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990.

ICEHD’S registration details are CAC/IT/NO 17758 and Its registered office is situated in Lagos.

ICEHD was started primarily to promote health (especially the health of women and girls), advance socio-economic inclusion and development and empower local marginalized women, girls and vulnerable individuals and communities through education, empowerment and capacity building to confront and participate in the design and implementation of policies, actions, practices and programs that affect their health, development and quality of life.

About us

Our Philosophy

Our Main beneficiaries are local rural community women, girls, youths, and people living positively, including vulnerable individuals, groups and communities.

To promote the right to health and development and advocate for full realization, particularly women’s right to health, social and economic inclusion, participation and development. To promote respect for human rights ethics in health and developmental policies, actions, programs and practices.

ICEHD works towards the enjoyment of good health, clean environment, social and economic freedom, free expression and protection of human rights: available, accessible and affordable health care and developmental needs especially as it affects women and girls, vulnerable individuals and communities in Nigeria and Africa.




ICEHD is served at the top by a Board of Trustees, which also acts as an executive council and advisory Body, comprising of experienced professionals from varied backgrounds such as, law, statistics, accounts, public health, environment and social work. This is followed in the organogram, by executive and finance directors, who head the level of office manager, project manager and accountant. Following this level are the senior programs officer, M & E officer, digital and communications officers and staff attorney.

At the lower level are the administrative staff, program officer and program assistants and volunteers. To also support the work, ICEHD has a well-structured functioning office and equipment, good and transparent accounting system with qualified staff, volunteers, partners and consultants.

Our Strategy

Organizational Strategy

Our key strategies include the global agenda and the Nigerian National Policy for health, environment and development, which informs our vision, objectives, core values and mission. Other strategies include implementation (which involves research, monitoring and documentation, advocacy, education and training, intervention in provision of facilities and economic empowerment, litigation and collaboration), performance measures (which includes project monitoring and evaluation) and accountability (reproting, auditing).

These are strategies used in achieving our mission which we undertake through our thematic programs listed above.

Important milestones