Clean and Healthy Environment Through Recycling

One way to sustain a clean and healthy environment for human health is by recycling, which is simply reusing materials instead of throwing them away, and converting trashed materials into money making items. Recycling protects the environment in many ways and does much more.

When we recycle we reduce the volume of waste to be incinerated as well as the space for landfill or dumpsites. We also help save natural resources that would have been used in producing new items, which protects natural habitats and also saves energy and money needed in producing new materials. Production of materials creates air and water pollution, but with recycling pollution is reduced and climate change is addressed.

With increasing business activities and increased population, the volume of waste generated continues to rise in ways that poses management challenges. The inability to properly manage wastes leads to poor environmental quality, proliferation of diseases, poor health conditions and accidents from hazardous and harmful waste materials. This situation is worsened by growing economic recession in many developing economies that has led to increased unemployment, high rate of poverty, idleness and criminality.

As the world changes, we need to creatively adapt to these changes, particularly in ways that protect our environment and our health, especially the health of women and children and people whose health is already compromised. It is interesting to note that in addition to protecting the environment and human health, recycling informs creativity, creates exciting jobs, generates income, alleviates poverty and addresses idleness and youth restiveness in the long term. This therefore, promotes your right to development (as enunciated in the UN Declaration on the Right to Development, 1986)

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